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Joan Wolford has over 25 years of event planning and fine culinary experience. Joan moved from New Jersey when she was awarded a position at the Heart in Hand in Clifton, Virginia. It was there that she fell in love with the great hospitality and cuisine of the South.

Suzanne Worsham, owner and head chef, took Joannie under her wings and taught her the most valuable trait in business—a good work ethic and a passion for creating fine food. Side by side, Suzanne and Joannie fed the famous, to include Nancy Reagan and George Will on a regular basis. Mrs. Reagan told Joan, "You are much too young to be such a good cook."

Joan left the Heart in Hand in 1986 to launch her own dream—the Hamilton Garden Inn, a fine dining restaurant and bed and breakfast in Hamilton, Virginia. Over the years, The Hamilton Garden Inn created lasting memories by catering numerous anniversary celebrations, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, teas and luncheons. Willard Scott celebrated his 25th anniversary at the Hamilton Garden Inn. The next day on The Today Show, the weatherman described how fantastic his meal was at the Hamilton Garden Inn—and how he fell in love with their homemade peach ice cream.

Joan's dear friend and loyal patron of the Hamilton Garden Inn, Mr. Gus Eyssell often expressed to Joan after his dinner that she had “such Savoir Faire." In 1999, when Joan decided to start her new catering company, it was clear that Mr. Eyssell had christened the name of the new venture. Savoir Fare opened its new commercial kitchen, and today, caters to her favorite bride and groom on the weekends and prepares gourmet dinners out of their retail dining room, adjacent to their kitchen in the historic Patterson building in Round Hill, Virginia.

Joan has a musical background and continues to study voice at Shenandoah University. She also offers cooking classes through Loudoun County Parks and Recreation.

Joan WolfordJoan E. Wolford, Owner & Executive Chef


"You are much too young
to be such a good cook."

-Nancy Reagan

Daniel K. Fike

My name is Daniel Fike and I am addicted to bacon. It feels good to finally get it off my chest. Joan has given me shelter. Thank you, Joan.
At the restaurant we encounter many dietary needs and if you don't like pork or bacon, we can still be friends. Even vegans and vegetarians are welcome. Just don't be too pushy on Friday and Saturday (smile). We will always accommodate special dietary needs. Kids too.

I consider myself a seasonally oriented cook. I like to work within the bounds of nature. Winter is a tough time for chefs who claims local menu solidarity, but i try. What's a winter vegetable anyway? Ever seen a Virginia garden thrive in January? Balance between cost, product quality, and cooperation with our catering effort will weigh heavy on menu variety but never on the quality of your dining experience.

My cooking life started early in my Grandmothers hotel/restaurant/bar, "The Kobuta Hotel" in Pennsylvania watching grandma cook for railroad workers, miners and steel men. Beaver, PA is a "fondue pot" of ethnicity, and her Yugoslavian cooking background was a hit. I remember her patrons from the steel mills being very happy at the end of their stays and it inspired a sense of pride for my heritage. I knew, even then, that cooking could change minds and dispositions! Might have been the beer too!

When I'm asked, how I know, what I know, I'm not sure how to respond. I've had a wide variety of influences in my now 14 year adventure, so sometimes its difficult to remember who I learned specific techniques from. I can promise this, in that time, it seems, I've seen a hundred ways to do most things the WRONG way. Doing things the right way seems to have taken twice as long to hone. Mastery might find me grey and old.

Anyone who doesn't cook for the masses or who has never cooked for their family will never understand the pride taken by chefs and the others behind the scenes. Its a major effort of timing, coordination and a passion that deserves recognition

What's the point? Seasoning! The only thing that I do differently from other chefs. Here in Round Hill, I have complete control over the cuisine that hits the tables. Seems simple but salt and pepper are the cure for most food ales. Although that is the essence of Savior Fare. The knowledge of how to do things correctly.

Relationships & Affiliations
We have worked with several of our partners for many
years and recommend their services to our family and friends.

Loudoun Babe Ruth World Series
BITWC - Imagine That!! Theatre
Bluemont Vineyard (House Caterer)
Breaux Vineyards
Church Functions
County of Loudoun
Friends of the Franklin Park Arts Center
Foxcroft Girls School
George C. Marshall Foundation
Great Country Farms (House Caterer)

Hamilton Club
Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company
Loudoun Symphony
Manny's Helping Hands
Oatlands Plantation
The Growing Stage
Town of Leesburg
Town of Round Hill
Waterford Foundation
Woodberry Forest

Savoir Fare Celebrating 13 Year Anniversary - 2009

For over a decade, Savoir Fare has been fortunate to cater some of the most memorable occasions in Loudoun
County and its surrounding communities.

Special thanks for the support of our family and friends, both new and old.

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